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The second week of the QVC Advent Calendar has some ups and downs as well, I’m still not regretting the purchase and I think it gave me an idea of some other brands to go for.

Week 2:

Stowaway Day to Night 5-piece Collection w/ Bag $49.50

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best with a black pencil liner. Give me a gell or liquid and I’ll wing for days, but a pencil makes it a little harder for me. The concept of this liner, and collection, it a really nice one; they are the same product size as most other brands, but offered in a smaller easier to travel with package. I don’t travel all that much, but a liner I can put in a bag and add more to later or use to touch up does pique my interest. The liner itself is creamy and a nice deep black, not too bad for such a tiny product!

Tl;dr Works-yes, purchasing full size-I don’t love pencils, so probably not

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid $29

Ok, ok, ok….so this item is the best thing that’s happened to my oily skin in a long time! I’ve had issues with the pores on my forehead becoming clogged and then getting those little bumps, they aren’t acne but they look similar. I’ve noticed that the more often I fall asleep and forget to wash my makeup off or just don’t do a super job getting it all off I have those bumps the next day. This product gets rid of them. Now I’m not saying all your skin woes will be gone overnight, but this will help in correcting them and setting your skin in the right direction. Using this item is a little tricky though; I put it on at night and just leave it on and then wash my face in the morning. I know they mention you can wear it under makeup, but that defeats the purpose in my opinion.

Tl;dr Works-yes, beautifully. purchasing full size- I have like 3 sample sizes since a little goes a long way, but yes I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Full Coverage Concealer $28

I’m not a fully-grown beauty blogger yet; I don’t know exactly how to apply concealer but I feel like I have a pretty good idea on how to make it work. I couldn’t get this to work for me. The texture was a little sticky, and I think that might work for the undereye area, but my color was too dark. I know this might sound a little off as well, but I find most foundations I use offer enough coverage for me to not need additional products. The shade range is not the greatest, at least on QVC, so perhaps that might make it easier when deciding to spend the money here or on another concealer of the same price…

Tl;dr Works-yes…as long as you can find your shade, purchasing full size-no, a little too sticky for all over and the color I got was too dark for just under my eyes.

Algenist POWER 360 Eye Serum $70

Why QVC?? Why give me samples of products I can’t afford?! I mean I know it’s because it’s expensive so of course I’d want a sample to make sure it works, but come on! This has a nice gel texture and sinks in effortlessly. I’ve rotated the usage of it so I don’t see an immediate change; I might also not be the prime demographic at 31 years old.

Tl;dr Works-I’d say yes, purchasing full size-no, it’s expensive and I have similar items that do an equally good job.


Peter Thomas Roth Meet Your Mask Kit with Mask Tasker Tool

I love me a good mask. I usually have about 5-6 samples rotating thanks to Birchbox and Target. This one is a nice staple to have. I have oily skin and this one doesn’t irritate it or cause any weird things to happen. I’ve linked the sample pack, which is a nice price but they sell the full sizes of all of them.

Tl;dr Works-yes, purchasing full size-maybe not full, but this sample pack, yes.

Kopari Coconut Melt, 7 oz $38

When are we going to admit that coconut oil is not the end all be all God send? This package legit says 100% pure coconut oil…really? Ok I know that what I get in the grocery store may not be as ‘pure’ or acquired in the same fashion, but there are health food stores that sell oil labeled the same way that doesn’t cost $38. This container has been sitting on my desk this week and it’s already in pure liquid form since the melting point is so low. I can’t use this oil on my body, it just takes too long to sink in. A light oil like almost or avocado works similarly.

Tl;dr Works-?, purchasing full size-I think I have coconut oil in my cabinet…

Obliphica Seaberry Hair Mask 2.54 oz $14

Remember earlier when I said I loved me some masks? Well hair ones are no different! I’m still working on my hair journey and trying to pinpoint what my type is but I think I have a decent picture of it. My hair is oily at the roots at day 3, and dry at the ends. I have thick wavy hair that tangles easily. This particular offering is meant for thinner hair, but I can still see the effects on my thicker hair. The scent was nice, like a bright berry scent, and it did get through all of my hair. After the shower my hair was softer and didn’t tangle as easily. They sell this is larger pots as well as this smaller size. They do offer the purple one, and that’s meant for my hair type.

Tl;dr Works-nicely, purchasing full size-maybe, I’d buy the one for medium hair though

There are 2 more weeks to come so keep an eye out.

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Hey, guess what guys? I like changing my hair up! Now I don’t really color my hair all too often, I did it once, and I loved it but it wasn’t permanent and after a few weeks it washed out to my normal brown color. I’m really trying to grow my hair back out now so I don’t really want to cut it shorter again…so that leaves me with a few options; all involving how I style my hair. I wasn’t really into curling my hair in high school or straightening it, I usually wore it in a bun. Lately, rather since Oklahoma, I’ve been obsessed with curling my hair. I’ve always had a curling iron so those were always around, but I didn’t have much else. After Oklahoma my mom bought me the Remington T-Studio curling wand…I blame all of what will follow on that little iron.

This is just an intro post, I expect these posts to last a few days/weeks. I will be going into more in-depth detail for each tool and the results that I get from them. I’m not a professional and I paid for everything I show you on these posts. I’m just a 20ish year old girl who loves to fiddle around with different tools and techniques so maybe you can learn from my mistakes? Who knows, :).

Altering Your Hair Style

The Details

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Hey guess what? I think I can speak for a majority of women by saying we have unwanted hair. Whether it’s on our faces, underarms, or legs, we have hair in certain places and we want it gone. So I’ve been trying several different removal products (long before I started this blog) and I thought I’d share my findings with you all out there in the interwebs :). All of these, except one, was used on my legs. I have dark hair, that is somewhat hard to remove and I do not have sensitive skin. Hopefully this helps!

Various Hair Removal Products

The Details

Click to see the pictures!

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I guess this could be classified as a haul, but not really. Recently I bought some things from Walmart (online) and when the order came I received a few sample products. Now this is normal practice for them as every order I’ve received, starting in December, has had the same sample baggie. The baggie includes samples of Yes to Cucumbers face cloth (you receive one), L’Oreal Shampoo and Conditioner single use packets, a Dove fragrance sample, and some hair products for men. In this last order I made I actually received another baggie that had two full sized samples in it. These are the new Simple Skincare products. I received the Refreshing Facial Wash Gel and the Replenishing Rich Moisturizer. I’m so glad I received these as I really needed a moisturizer and my Yes to Cucumbers one really made my face feel greasy after. See below for individual thoughts 🙂

Simple Skincare Products

The Details

  • Received from:
  • Price:
    • Free, Products range from $4.99-$7.99

Click to see the pictures!

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So I tried out my new Maybelline products when I went to school this past Saturday. I’m sorry to say I did not enjoy the new Color Tattoo eyeshadows. Unfortunately you almost have to use your fingers. I tried using a brush at first and the color did not distribute evenly nor could I smooth it out. So I used my pointer finger to apply the orange color to my entire lid, then I used my ring finger to apply the red/rust color to the outer half of my eye and lastly using my pinky I placed the white under my brow and in the inner corner of my eye. I didn’t line my eyes heavily because I ran out of time and because my class is a morning one I sometimes think eyeliner is a bit too intense for so early on in the day. So here are some photos of before and after.
I applied everything around 8:30 in the morning and the second (after) photo was taken around 6:30 pm. The colors did last. They do everything they promise to do, I simply did not like the application of the shadow. I might try using them as a base sometime, but as for just everyday wear, I might have to skip on these.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow Trial

  • Eyes
    • NYX HD Primer
    • All three Color Tattoo shadows I own, Too Cool, Fierce & Tangy, Pomegranate Punk
    • Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Mascara
    • Black Gel Liner from Physicians Formula for Green Eyes
  • Face
    • BH Cosmetics Foundation Primer
    • Covergirl Clean Foundation 125
    • Covergirl Translucent Powder
    • Soft Mink blush from Covergirl
  • Lips
    • Maybelline Neutral/Nude lipstick in Blushing Brunette

Click to see the pictures!

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