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Well I’ve been having some issues with Microsoft Word and can’t copy and paste pages right now and because of that here are some photos of bath products I’ve been working on. I’m trying to take better care of my skin and body, so I’ve made some bath fizzies with almond oil and I can say my skin has never been softer!! I’m in love as cheesy as that sounds! Anyway, photos!


AllBathBombs1 BathBombsamplesThese are just smaller versions of my bath fizzies, just some of the left over bits that couldn’t make it into the larger bath fizzie mold.

RhageBathBomb1 RhevBathBombs1Both of these fizzies are inspired by characters from the Black Dagger Brotherhood. The top one is Rhage. Light blue and darker blue for the cover of the book and scented in Bite Me (s scent that smells like Coke and Dr. Pepper) and lemon (Mary’s scent). The second one is Rehvenge, dark purple and smells like vanilla raspberry, yum!


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*cricket* Hey I guess I’m not dead! Yay! Anyway so as I was thinking of Twilight themed makeup I could be doing I was really at a loss. I couldn’t think of enough looks to really recreate more than one thing so I kind of stopped doing anything. I was really upset that I hadn’t been creating anything and so I took some time to go through some of my past looks and I really didn’t like my brows when I did most of the Black Dagger Brotherhood looks so I redid some of them. First up is Butch. His book is Lover Revealed and it’s the fourth in the series. Butch is a human cop but his aggression and attitude didn’t really help him fit in with the rest of the human world. After some prophecies, and plot progression we find out that Butch is related to Wrath, the Blind King, so in turn they perform a ritual that helps Butch’s vampire blood come out and so on. In the end he becomes a vampire, yay! Yeah it’s kind of complicated since they don’t ‘turn’ people into vampires, like in other stories.

The cover of his book is bright orange (really?!) And the accent is white. So when I redid this one I wanted to be more daring so I tired a cut crease and I really like it. I’m actually very proud of this one 🙂 and since I’m re-reading his book I’m kind of liking him more. Anyway, onto the makeup!

Butch Redo

  • Eyes
    • NYX HD Eye Primer
    • BH Cosmetics single white shadow in WS12
    • BH Cosmetics single orange shadow in WS05
    • Maybelline Falsies mascara in Blackest Black
    • Physicians Formula Black Eyeliner (with purple shimmer but you can’t really see it)
    • NYX Eyebrow kit with Stencil brown (for Brunettes kit)
  • Face
    • ELF Mineral Infused Face Primer (I dislike this one so I’m trying to use it up)
    • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 220 (this is a touch too light for me)
    • Maybelline setting powder in Light
    • Pink/Nude blush from the BH Cosmetics 10-Blush palette
  • Lips
    • BH Cosmetics 66 lipgloss palette (orange, and gold colors)


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Yahoo!! The series is completed! I really couldn’t stop taking pictures of this one near the end. I kept changing hats and had to take so many more. At first I rolled the bun the wrong way so I had to keep tilting my head down so it could be seen. I started off with no real direction but then ended up with something inspired by the Game of Thrones. Then once I got the hats in it became all old time-y and Oklahoma inspired. Well enjoy!

Sixth is Purple.
Purple is the color of good judgment. It is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. It is said if you surround yourself with purple you will have peace of mind. Purple is a good color to use in meditation.

Purple has been used to symbolize magic and mystery, as well as royalty. Being the combination of red and blue, the warmest and coolest colors, purple is believed to be the ideal color. Most children love the color purple. Purple is the color most favored by artists.
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So I decided a while back I was going to complete my color series and I really wanted to go out on a bang. Which is why I sort of went all out on blue and purple, although I kind of went all out on all of them. To me water really symbolizes water and I sort of took on a mermaid feel to the look. The color might seem off simply because as I always do, I took the photos at night with no natural light. (I really need to stop doing that)

Fifth is Blue.
Blue is the coolest color – the color of the sky, ocean, sleep, twilight. The ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli to represent heaven. Blue symbolizes the Virgin Mary. A pure blue is the color of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. Blue is often the chosen color by conservative people. Blue is the calming color.
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So I noticed I never put this up anywhere. I completed this look months ago, I think it’s almost nearing 6months. I do know that I wasn’t happy with the complete face look which is why you won’t see it here lol. I didn’t really have a direction when I began it and it just morphed into this weird Poison Ivy Care Bear mix. Not pretty at all. Anyway hope you kind of like this one but I can promise the other looks are completed and I’m editing them now.

Fourth is Green.
The color green is the color of balance and harmony. From a color psychology perspective, it is the great balancer of the heart and the emotions, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart.

From a meaning of colors perspective, green is also the color of growth, the color of spring, of renewal and rebirth. It renews and restores depleted energy. It is the sanctuary away from the stresses of modern living, restoring us back to a sense of well being. This is why there is so much of this relaxing color on the earth, and why we need to keep it that way.

Green is an emotionally positive color, giving us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally. A natural peacemaker, it must avoid the tendency to become a martyr.
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A photo I took at my brother's wedding.

A photo I took at my brother’s wedding.

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