Ok so we all know the drill, life happens people get busy, yada yada…and that’s no different for me. So here are some photos of what I’ve been up to since I’ve been away. Plus I’m feeling under the weather today so words aren’t really coming that easily to me right now.
I’ve been working on my room. Redoing most of it and this is the result.



I made some homemade soap for Christmas presents this year and now I’m hooked!



Overall it was a challenging year and here’s to a good start for 2014!


So onto some skin care products I’ve used up. I know the photo shows some mascaras as well but I’ll deal with those in the next post. So (thankfully) I’ve never had too many issues with my skin. I did have some major issues in elementary school but that was due to having very oily hair and always having bangs; my forehead always was bad. So onto the cleansing regime!

Product Empties- Skin Care

The Details


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What two posts in one day?!? That’s right, I have a lot of empty products I’ve been saving to do some final thoughts on. So this post is for some more hair care items that don’t necessarily fall into the shampoo & conditioner label. Although I do have some products that do, they just couldn’t fit into the last photo 🙂

Product Empties- Hair Care

The Details


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So I’ve attempted Project X Pan like twenty times. I’ve made posts about it, but I’ve never actually posted them. I was always scared that as soon as I posted them I would ruin it by going out and buying a product, even if I didn’t post about it, I would still be cheating. So this is first in a series of Product Empties! I’m super excited, but I also feel horrible right now. I don’t know if it’s a stomach flu or a cold or what so please excuse me if this sound rambly or if it doesn’t make sense at times :).

Product Empties- Shampoo

The Details


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So this post has been a long time coming since I didn’t really know what to say. If you’ve read back through some of the posts then you might have noticed that many of them have been solely by me, Vanessa. Breann has been somewhat absent as of late and there is a good reason for that. We work together and where we work there is a program that you can go through ( if you’ve been nominated) to become a manager. Sometime before Christmas, Breann was nominated for this program and was accepted! So she’s going to be working somewhere else for quite some time and learning how to become a manager!

So what does that mean for me? Well while she’s doing this she will be very, very busy. She won’t have a whole lot of free time and we won’t see each other at all. So to let her attention be only on her new role she has decided to take an extended break from the blog, not makeup entirely, just the blog. So she won’t really be posting anything on here nor doing any reviews.

I will contuse to post/review products on here and try new things. The products will more then likely be drugstore items since I don’t go to malls/Sephora as often as she does lol. So I hope that clears up things around here and why I’ve been missing somewhat. So if you stick with me I will most definitely be posting more and trying new things! 🙂