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*cricket* Hey I guess I’m not dead! Yay! Anyway so as I was thinking of Twilight themed makeup I could be doing I was really at a loss. I couldn’t think of enough looks to really recreate more than one thing so I kind of stopped doing anything. I was really upset that I hadn’t been creating anything and so I took some time to go through some of my past looks and I really didn’t like my brows when I did most of the Black Dagger Brotherhood looks so I redid some of them. First up is Butch. His book is Lover Revealed and it’s the fourth in the series. Butch is a human cop but his aggression and attitude didn’t really help him fit in with the rest of the human world. After some prophecies, and plot progression we find out that Butch is related to Wrath, the Blind King, so in turn they perform a ritual that helps Butch’s vampire blood come out and so on. In the end he becomes a vampire, yay! Yeah it’s kind of complicated since they don’t ‘turn’ people into vampires, like in other stories.

The cover of his book is bright orange (really?!) And the accent is white. So when I redid this one I wanted to be more daring so I tired a cut crease and I really like it. I’m actually very proud of this one 🙂 and since I’m re-reading his book I’m kind of liking him more. Anyway, onto the makeup!

Butch Redo

  • Eyes
    • NYX HD Eye Primer
    • BH Cosmetics single white shadow in WS12
    • BH Cosmetics single orange shadow in WS05
    • Maybelline Falsies mascara in Blackest Black
    • Physicians Formula Black Eyeliner (with purple shimmer but you can’t really see it)
    • NYX Eyebrow kit with Stencil brown (for Brunettes kit)
  • Face
    • ELF Mineral Infused Face Primer (I dislike this one so I’m trying to use it up)
    • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 220 (this is a touch too light for me)
    • Maybelline setting powder in Light
    • Pink/Nude blush from the BH Cosmetics 10-Blush palette
  • Lips
    • BH Cosmetics 66 lipgloss palette (orange, and gold colors)


Click to see the pictures!

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