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Where on Earth have I been? Well this past week I’ve not been feeling the best so updates/looks have pretty much stopped. However this past Saturday (almost a week ago!) I had a photo shoot with my aunt. Yup, a full fledge makeup, outfit, location photo shoot! So I really wanted to portray a Citizen of the Capitol from The Hunger Games, but I wanted to go a tad more extreme then just makeup. So after trying to do this for weeks, I finally got a date planned and a look planned! I’m so excited to finally post these photos and share with everyone out there. Now this look started out as a random citizen, but once we started shooting we kept giving my aunt Effie references so this became a neo-Effie look. Had I known that when I started I would have tried to make her makeup look more like her at some point. So Enjoy!

Neo-Effie or What Happens When You Have an Amazing Family Who Puts Up With Me and My Crazy Antics!

  • The Look
    • Model-My aunt, Dayna
    • Dress-Dress Barn (I think)
    • Accessories-Random pearl necklaces and bracelets I’ve collected
    • Wig-Cut and styled by mom, Brenda
    • Hat-Made by mom, Brenda
    • Makeup-Me, Vanessa
    • Photos-Me, Vanessa

Click to see the pictures! Warning picture heavy!

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