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Once I finished the Witch from Into the Woods I thought how fun it would be to do a whole series of them. So here’s the second in the series, Little Red Riding Hood. She doesn’t have any other name in the musical, she’s only ever known as Little Red Riding Hood, (so long to type out…). During the first act she’s very naive and innocent, until she’s eaten by the wolf. Once she’s freed she decides that just because she has a ‘cloak and hood’ she will not be protected, she still has to be on her guard. This is her main development for Act One. In the second act, she’s a bit more morbid, she has a knife and dares Jack to bring back a harp that ‘makes beautiful sounds without having to touch it.’ This then brings about the Giant coming down into their world and creates the issues of Act Two. By the end she doesn’t have a Grandma or Mother left and has to learn to live on her own, well with the other main characters.

That was a huge chunk of exposition, but mainly Little Red has basic stage makeup, with nothing really standing out except for the fact that she’s young. I had to add something to it, so I gave her some red liner.

Little Red Riding Hood

  • Eyes
    • BH Cosmetics Eye and Lip Primer
    • BH Cosmetics 88 Neutrals palette (tans and browns)
    • BH Cosmetics Liner in Burn
    • False Eyelashes from eBay
    • BH Cosmetics 88 Neutrals palette (Lt. Brown for brows)
  • Face
    • BH Cosmetics Foundation Primer
    • Covergirl Clean Foundation 125
    • E.L.F. HD Powder
    • E.L.F. Cream Blush in Tease
  • Lips
    • BH Cosmetics 66 Lipgloss Palette (pinks)

Click to see the pictures!

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So I lied… I originally began this look fully intending to do some face charts for Oklahoma. Then once I got my foundation on and tried my new concealer, I was looking through my inspiration folder and saw this one picture and I wanted to recreate it. So once I did I remembered I had a lot of my grandmothers jewelry and I wanted to add some to the look so then it became this weird hybrid that I am calling Ice Princess. I hope you enjoy it! Side Note: when I was coming up for a look for my Citizen of Panem look, I googled Kabuki makeup since that’s where the makeup artist drew inspiration from. That’s how I found this photo.

Inspiration Photo

Ice Princess

  • Eyes
    • NYX HD Primer
    • 120 BH Cosmetics Palette # 4 Ultra Shimmer (blues)
    • BH Cosmetics 88 Colors Matte Palette
    • Sonia Kashuk Matte Shadow in Chocolate for brows
    • Lashes from eBay
  • Face
    • BH Cosmetics Foundation Primer
    • Maybelline Fit Me in 120
    • Covergirl Translucent Powder
    • ELF Cream Blush in Temptress (why it’s called that when it’s a darker brown I’ll never know)
  • Lips
    • NYX Round Lipstick in Sky Pink for lighter pink color
    • 66 Lipgloss palette-random pink with clear glitter gloss in center of lips

Click to see the pics, beware there are lots!

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