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I don’t know why I have a passion for luggage, like I could buy 5 sets and keep looking for more. Right off the bat I will say I am not someone who looks into spending 200$ for one piece; I know there are many ‘advanced’ suitcases out there and several brands make pieces that have like USB chargers and other cool add-ons, but those aren’t in my budget. Now you might ask yourself, ‘hey nessa, you just said you would buy like 5 sets and still look for more, why not spend that money on 1 quality piece?!’ First off, I haven’t purchased 5 sets, I said I could, and I don’t travel for a living (maybe one day, but not now) so my needs are a little different.

My first set of luggage wasn’t a set at all; it was one check in piece and one cross body bag. My mother was sending me on this trip alone and wanted to make sure I had reliable pieces so she bought me an Eddie Bauer set. Well I can’t remember if it was a set, or if we just purchased them together. Image is from google since mine is in the garage in a bag with many things on it. The second cross body bag image is also from google, but that was credited to Pinterest, which was then credited to eBay where it is no longer listed soooo I can’t really link that one for you, I am sorry.


I’d be lying if I said I remember the exact prices, but let’s say around 200$ for both items. As you can see the check in bag has only two wheels, which at this time in 2005, was the new thing. 4 wheels? Nah, not for a little longer. The wheels and that side handle were the main reason we decided on this bag, well and the name. We figured this would be a nice suitcase and would be able to hold all the items I needed. The crossbody bag would also work as my purse while I was traveling, smart idea, right??? Two for one?! No don’t do this for the love of *bleep*. That bag was so heavy that by the third full day I was shopping for something else. Both items served their purpose however, they got me to Europe and home with all of my belongings. Since I couldn’t find links to purchase these items, I don’t want to go into too much detail, but for the price there are better options.

Eddie Bauer Suitcase Set
Construction: 4/5
Ease of Use: 3/5
Price: 3/5
Recommend: Only if it was given to you or you can buy it inexpensively.

My personal second set of luggage came from WalMart, and is a 4-piece set. My family and I have a rule that all of our luggage/packing items must be in our colors. Ok so it’s not a ‘rule’ just something we came up with to make things easier so we don’t buy the same pieces. This set retails for about 170$ and that’s for all 4 pieces. The smallest bag is perfect size for a carry-on, and the largest is perfect for check-in, just make sure to not overpack it. They all have 4 wheels and a nice front pocket for documents and other items you need to grab quickly. There is a mesh liner inside and straps so that you can make sure to keep all your items in place. With multiple sizes, ease of use and the price point this set is perfect for a person new to travel who has more generic needs, like traveling for fun not business, and for a person who is looking to spend more on the actual trip then on things to get them there.


Rockland Luggage 4 Piece Impact Softside Spinner Luggage Set
Construction: 3/5 – the long sides tend to bend when there is nothing inside
Ease of Use: 5/5 – they roll easily and are nice for someone who can’t carry a lot
Price: 5/5 – $170 for 4 pieces split evenly is about $43 a piece, not too shabby. Purchase here
Recommend: Highly, these have now gone on three major trips with me and they are still strong with no tears or holes.

This concludes my journey into luggage pieces, but how to organize your items inside or how to keep your soap from spilling? Stay tuned for the next post!


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