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You will not believe what happened to me today! So I was going to Target again, to get some things to review and this guy looked like he was sick so I went to check on him. He was kinda stumbling around so I tried to help him stay on hie feet and he bit me! Can you believe it? He actually bit me…I just can’t believe it. I hope it’s not infected. It better heal up before Sunday.


Click to see the bite

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Halloween in January

During this last Halloween I started to play around with ‘special effects’ makeup. I put that in quotes because what I call special effects is so small compared to what all is out there! This was one effect I did for one of my mother’s co-workers. She was an escaped mental patient and she decided that she wanted to have a slit wrist. So this is what I came up with, some of the blending of the bruising could have been better but by the time I got to it I was already over my time limit :(. Enjoy!

The Details

  • Item Used::
    • Mehron Liquid Latex (used as base for wax)
    • Mehron SynWax (used to make the cut)
    • Kryolan Burn and Injury Wheel (to create the red coloring inside wound)
    • Mehron Bruise Wheel (to make bruising :))

    Click to see the pictures!

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