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Oh my….I swear Lionsgate’s press department is working over time with The Hunger Games movie coming out soon. There was quite a bit of drama related to this collection and I’m so glad they decided to move forward with it. Now before you go all crazy on me for buying 12 polishes, I’ve never been a nail girl. At most I’ve had about 8 different polishes at one time and most are the same nude/pink color. So when I saw these colors there were some I knew I could wear to work and others I knew where going to be vacation only colors. But I do love them all. I don’t really have super favorites because I like them all for different reasons, although Agro is amazing (of course it’s green) and Luxe and Lush will have a special place in my heart since I was put into District One on the Capitol’s website. Enjoy! I will do swatches as I wear the colors, so it might take some time.

The Hunger Games Nail Polish by China Glaze

The Details

  • Purchased from:
    • Sally’s Beauty Supply
  • Price:
    • $45.24 purchased with Sally’s Pro Card (mom has a card, not me)

Click to see the pictures!

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