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Well I’ve been having some issues with Microsoft Word and can’t copy and paste pages right now and because of that here are some photos of bath products I’ve been working on. I’m trying to take better care of my skin and body, so I’ve made some bath fizzies with almond oil and I can say my skin has never been softer!! I’m in love as cheesy as that sounds! Anyway, photos!


AllBathBombs1 BathBombsamplesThese are just smaller versions of my bath fizzies, just some of the left over bits that couldn’t make it into the larger bath fizzie mold.

RhageBathBomb1 RhevBathBombs1Both of these fizzies are inspired by characters from the Black Dagger Brotherhood. The top one is Rhage. Light blue and darker blue for the cover of the book and scented in Bite Me (s scent that smells like Coke and Dr. Pepper) and lemon (Mary’s scent). The second one is Rehvenge, dark purple and smells like vanilla raspberry, yum!


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Rehvenge, Rehvenge, Rehvenge…what to say really? Although I did read his book, I can’t say I remember much of it. I do remember that his story is so far away from the original six (since he’s not technically a “brother”) I didn’t feel comfortable. Like I was taken away from familiar friends and tossed into a different world. Near the end though, we did come back around to the world created in the first couple of books so I was ok. Since this isn’t a review let me get to the actual point here, the cover of Rehv’s book is black. Not much to work with, so I pulled in purple. I do believe his eyes are purple (if not then I know purple is a color mentioned in his book). If I can say everything truthfully, I’m not happy with this look. This was my second attempt and it started out well but I think since I was rushed while choosing the grey/black I picked one too dark/shimmery and it looks off to me. I will try again, but I do enjoy this look do I guess this will be Rehv v.1.

The makeup used in each look will pretty much be the same, since I really only have the palettes from BH Cosmetics. But I will try and list everything used for each brother. Again please excuse the eyebrows :).I will take pictures of these palettes some day I promise!


  • Eyes
    • NYX HD Primer/L.A. Colors eye pencil in tropical bliss
    • BH Cosmetics 120 -1 palette
    • False Eyelashes from eBay
    • Black E.L.F. pencil liner (glittery one)
  • Face
    • BH Cosmetics Foundation Primer
    • Covergirl Clean Foundation 125
    • Covergirl Translucent Powder
    • Pink/Nude blush from the BH Cosmetics 10-Blush palette
  • Lips
    • Revlon Lip Butter in Cherry Tart (over chapstick)

Click to see the pictures!

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