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I’m thinking about doing some sort of foundation set up or review schedule and I’m not sure how I’d like to set everything up quite yet, but for now I’ll give you some of my skin history so you’ll know what I’m looking for.


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Let’s take a few moments today to talk about packaging. No, I’m not talking about amazing palette cases, or beautiful lipstick tubes, Anna Sui cosmetics I’m looking at you, I’m talking about those cardboard boxes that cosmetics come in that are meant to be thrown away. I don’t think I’m alone in this thought, but I can’t bring myself to take my foundation out of the box and then plop it in the trash.

I hope I’m not alone in this event, but an example I can give is that recently I purchased the Becca Ultimate Perfection 5 piece kit from QVC and the set came in a large beautiful box with each item individually boxed. Now I brought myself to toss the larger box since it took up so much room, but the smaller boxes I’m finding it harder to part with. Now, don’t get me wrong, I want to keep my makeup looking nice and keep things as clean as possible, but keeping items in a cardboard box, and having to remove them each time I go to use them, kind of takes extra time I don’t have in the morning.

I think this might talk to a deeper level of my psych, but for now I’ll take it as a quirk of mine and something I need to work on parting ways with. What about you? Has there been any packaging you just couldn’t bring yourself to part with?


All of the items mentioned were purchased with my own money, the comments are my own.


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The other day I was going to Target and I wanted to try some of my new makeup out. So after jumping out of the shower I started playing around and decided I wanted to play up my lips more than my eyes (not my normal go to). So a simple wing liner and away I went. 🙂 Enjoy!

Cement Eyes

  • Eyes
    • NYX HD Primer (why? Idk…)
    • BH Cosmetics Gel Eye Liner in Cement
  • Face
    • BH Cosmetics Foundation Primer
    • Covergirl Clean Foundation 125
    • Covergirl Translucent Powder
    • Covergirl Blush in Soft Mink
  • Lips
    • Base of Tarte LipSurgence in Swank with Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me on top

Click to see the pictures!

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Hey Guys! 

   Sorry I’ve been absent and left everything to Vanessa, although she is doing a wonderful job keeping up with this. I am finally here to make my first real review post. I’m going to bring you some items I have recently been reaching for almost everyday. I sometimes have to tell myself not to haha. So here we go!

      I have every morning and night for a little over a week been using the Origins Checks and Balances frothy face wash. I LOVE it! I think I paid about 20 bucks for it but honestly It has made a big difference. It doesn’t really help if you have acne but its really good for us combination skin girls. I’ve noticed a big difference in my skin since using it and can’t wait to try more origins items!

     Another item I am loving and still trying to figure out why they discontinued it, is the Maybelline dream mousse concealer. I have horrific bags and nothing ever seems to work. A lot of youtube gurus mention this item all the time. So I happened to be at the swap meet and they had them brand new and sealed! So I picked some up and have been loving it.

     This next one is a  little intimidating looking because not only is it a cream blush but its a hot pink! Its the nyx cream rouge in 08 hot pink. If applying with a stippling brush very lightly its gorgeous!

     This item surprised the heck out of me because I wasnt expecting to love it as much as I do but its the Maybelline great lashes lots of lashes mascara. The brush reminds me of the Benefit they’re real which I did own and did not like at all. But anyways what I got from this mascara is what I had expected from Benefit. 

     The last two are both lip products. I am not as talented as Vanessa when it comes to eye make up so I tend to do a bright or dramatic lip often rather than a gorgeous eye. So two products I strongly recommend and love are the Revlon Lip Butters, and Tarte’s Lip Surgence. Both can be very light or layered on for a full effect.

    Well thats al I have for today! I will try to be more involved, and bring you guys more reviews. Hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are.

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