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Now that I have explained what my taste is luggage is, let’s get into some packing or luggage accessories. I have found that the less I stress before a trip, regardless of length, means I can have a better time on the trip itself. Then while on the trip, the fewer times I have to repack or worry about leaving something behind promotes a more fun trip and just a more relaxing one as well. This means that I have found several items that really help when packing, almost regardless of what you might be taking.

First up with have the common toiletry bag. I have found some variations of them that really help me to stay organized and enable me to get all the items I need into one place AND keep them there. First up is this 3 in 1 version, I used to own this one but gave it to my aunt when she went traveling on her own since it was so handy and nice to have. As you can see there are two major sections with small zippered areas as well. This means you can place your toothbrush and toothpaste in the top smaller section, then your shampoo/conditioner and other showering accessories in the bottom. This way if there is any leakage, your toothbrush is safe. The larger section also allows for hair product placement ie a brush, hairspray, gel, whatever you may need. The best part?? Both sections unbutton so you only have to take what you need into the bathroom! Then when the time comes to leave you will immediately notice if one of the pouches is missing. Bonus points for the strap that keeps it closed doubling up to a loop so you can hang it on a door, or put it on a handle in the bathroom.

3 in 1 Toiletry Bag
Construction: 3/5 just watch how much you put into the bottom pouch and how hard you pull on the snaps.
Ease of Use: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Recommend: Great for travel as long as you don’t have an involved hair care routine and need a lot of space. Purchase here.

Next up we have a makeup bag, since most of my travel has been for fun, I want to look somewhat presentable while I’m there.

This bag offers one larger side that is just an empty section, no extra pockets just an open space to put palettes or anything that takes up more space. The middle section it attached to the middle by Velcro so you can place brushes and other longer items in. The back section has two smaller pockets for anything, I usually put powders in there since the pockets allow them to not move so anything pressed will tend to not break. My largest complaint is that the outer package is not well padded so if you’re putting it in your checked bag this will be well protected. If you’re looking to just throw it in a backpack to go on a weekend getaway you might need to add something else around it to protect it.

Makeup Bag
Construction: 2/5 Really wish that there was more padding on this, the lighter construction works for normal travel but not for just throwing in a backpack and going
Ease of Use: 4/5
Price: 5/5
Recommend: If you have limited makeup and the items are not large this is a nice option, not enough padding to make it sustainable for really rough travel. Purchase here.

I am not a petite person so getting all my clothing items in a suitcase can be a struggle. That is until I found packing cubes. You can find many versions of packing cubes, from Eagle Creek branded to generic versions from other retailers. Here are some varieties I have found on Amazon, I honestly can’t remember exactly where I bought mine from, but I can tell you that there are many other versions available now.


I really love using these cubes to make sure I get all of my clothing into my suitcase. They also help with organizing tops from bottoms so you can easily just take out which cube you need at that time. If you have the ability to bring an empty cube with you then they can double up and bring one for dirty clothes.

Packing Cubes
Construction: 5/5 Nice construction usually multiple zippers help to hold everything in, please note these are not the compression packing cubes
Ease of Use: 4/5
Price: 5/5
Recommend: These are the Amazon links from the photos above. Purchase here or here .

Lastly, we’ve got to keep our electronic items in order and these types of bags really help.

I love using multiple sized bags to bring my chargers and cables all of those types of things. I tend to bring one that will live in the room and then another with my portable charger and cable to put in my purse while traveling. This enables me to have those cords ready in the room when I need them, but also have my charger with me without having to search through my luggage. These are the best photos I could find, but believe me there are plenty of options available to you.

Packing Cubes 2.0
Construction: 5/5 Many versions of these types of items this is just one version I found
Ease of Use: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Recommend: YES! Anything to help you keep your wires and electronic items ni order. Purchase here.

These are most of the packing accessories I have found I take on each trip I take.


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I don’t know why I have a passion for luggage, like I could buy 5 sets and keep looking for more. Right off the bat I will say I am not someone who looks into spending 200$ for one piece; I know there are many ‘advanced’ suitcases out there and several brands make pieces that have like USB chargers and other cool add-ons, but those aren’t in my budget. Now you might ask yourself, ‘hey nessa, you just said you would buy like 5 sets and still look for more, why not spend that money on 1 quality piece?!’ First off, I haven’t purchased 5 sets, I said I could, and I don’t travel for a living (maybe one day, but not now) so my needs are a little different.

My first set of luggage wasn’t a set at all; it was one check in piece and one cross body bag. My mother was sending me on this trip alone and wanted to make sure I had reliable pieces so she bought me an Eddie Bauer set. Well I can’t remember if it was a set, or if we just purchased them together. Image is from google since mine is in the garage in a bag with many things on it. The second cross body bag image is also from google, but that was credited to Pinterest, which was then credited to eBay where it is no longer listed soooo I can’t really link that one for you, I am sorry.


I’d be lying if I said I remember the exact prices, but let’s say around 200$ for both items. As you can see the check in bag has only two wheels, which at this time in 2005, was the new thing. 4 wheels? Nah, not for a little longer. The wheels and that side handle were the main reason we decided on this bag, well and the name. We figured this would be a nice suitcase and would be able to hold all the items I needed. The crossbody bag would also work as my purse while I was traveling, smart idea, right??? Two for one?! No don’t do this for the love of *bleep*. That bag was so heavy that by the third full day I was shopping for something else. Both items served their purpose however, they got me to Europe and home with all of my belongings. Since I couldn’t find links to purchase these items, I don’t want to go into too much detail, but for the price there are better options.

Eddie Bauer Suitcase Set
Construction: 4/5
Ease of Use: 3/5
Price: 3/5
Recommend: Only if it was given to you or you can buy it inexpensively.

My personal second set of luggage came from WalMart, and is a 4-piece set. My family and I have a rule that all of our luggage/packing items must be in our colors. Ok so it’s not a ‘rule’ just something we came up with to make things easier so we don’t buy the same pieces. This set retails for about 170$ and that’s for all 4 pieces. The smallest bag is perfect size for a carry-on, and the largest is perfect for check-in, just make sure to not overpack it. They all have 4 wheels and a nice front pocket for documents and other items you need to grab quickly. There is a mesh liner inside and straps so that you can make sure to keep all your items in place. With multiple sizes, ease of use and the price point this set is perfect for a person new to travel who has more generic needs, like traveling for fun not business, and for a person who is looking to spend more on the actual trip then on things to get them there.


Rockland Luggage 4 Piece Impact Softside Spinner Luggage Set
Construction: 3/5 – the long sides tend to bend when there is nothing inside
Ease of Use: 5/5 – they roll easily and are nice for someone who can’t carry a lot
Price: 5/5 – $170 for 4 pieces split evenly is about $43 a piece, not too shabby. Purchase here
Recommend: Highly, these have now gone on three major trips with me and they are still strong with no tears or holes.

This concludes my journey into luggage pieces, but how to organize your items inside or how to keep your soap from spilling? Stay tuned for the next post!


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During these insane times I find myself with more time than I have had before, although I would much rather it not happen this way. I have always had a passion for travel and have decided to write a few different posts on travel with some tips and tricks I’ve learned through my life.


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With our trip now almost a month away I’m going to be reviewing some of the items I’ve purchased to take along with us. In this first review I’m going to be talking about some organizational items, which I’m a nut about! There’s not much use for fanfare so on we go!

TravelOn Set of 2 Lightweight Packing Cubes


The Details

  • Purchased from:
    • Target instore but available online
  • Price:
    • $9.99

So with this purchase I was looking for something to keep my portable charger and cords. I normally use an Ipsy bag but with all we’re needing one bag wouldn’t do and I couldn’t find another bag I already had that would work. So if I was going to buy something new I was going to look around to find something that would work but also not cost that much. That’s when I saw these bad boys. Now I did walk past these about 10 times on various trips so I was able to think about it for some time before leaping in. I’m so glad that I went for it and purchased these bags!


The Larger Bag

Both bags are fashioned from polyester and they both feature a mesh front which allows for quick identification of what’s inside. They both have zip closures which is nice since it allows for more space and gives you the ability to cram more in then a clasp would. Now in the larger bag I have my bulkier items which are; our converter, one additional plug adapter, a single USB plug and then another 6 USB plug with its plug. I love that all of these items fit and I won’t have random USB adapters roaming around my purse. While it does contain my necessities I will be putting this in my carry on which will live in the cubbies above me during the flight.


The Smaller Bag

This little bag it bigger than it looks. Here I have my Halo portable charger, my FitBit charger, my phone cord, and 3 additional micro-USB cords for use with other items that will need charging. Even though the Halo looks like it will take up all the space here that’s not the case thanks to the mesh and zipper. All of these items fit nicely with room for even more cords should I need them. This pouch is compact and is a tad larger than the palm of my hand, the larger bag is about 7 inches by 5 and this bag is about 2 inches smaller. This bag will live in my purse (it lives there now anyway) so when I’m traveling this is all I need on the go.


Love them, glad I bought them. Have no clue why I waited so long to ‘invest’ the $10 on them. I will say Target doesn’t usually have coupons for travel, but you might be able to get them at a discount during the summer when they have those spend $$ and get $ off types of deals.


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I’ve been dreading our vacation for a little while now. I think the main reason behind that is because it’s not happening how I thought it would. Allow me to explain; the trip itself is coming along nicely. The hotels are paid for, as well as the train rides, tours, and random adventures. The plane tickets were paid for in February and we have all our luggage we need. Why dread the thing I’ve been waiting for all year then? I’m nowhere near where I thought I’d be physically. I had plans that I would be at least 2 or 3 sizes smaller and that I’d be confident in who I am.

Now please don’t think that because I am larger I am not confident, I know my body (I’ve had it for 29 years) and I love all that it can do. I am proud of myself for who I am. What makes me sad is seeing where I’ve been and knowing I could be in a similar place now if I had worked harder.

This was me in 2005. I know I don’t still have those pants, and even if I did I know they wouldn’t fit. I think what makes me sad is that this is sort of how I still see myself, and then when I see what I currently look like it’s heart-breaking.


I remember that I wasn’t afraid to sit in an airline seat during this time, or to share a seat with friends. Now all I can think of is whether or not I’ll have to have an extender, and if I’ll even be able to fit in the seat. This is merely an update of to where my brain is and what I really need to focus on during the next month. I’m going to do my best to avoid fast food and cut back on soda for the next few months. Soon I’ll add more about what I’m taking and hopefully that will get me excited once again!


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