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Second round of product reviews on the way! This one is a tool that I got to use in the hotel room to help charge multiple items. It’s the Photive 60 Watt 6 Port USB Desktop Rapid Charger from Amazon. There wasn’t much research done on my end so I suppose any issues I find are more my fault then the product itself, but my main requirements were price and the amount of USB spaces.


Photive 60 Watt 6 Port USB Desktop Rapid Charger

The Details

  • Purchased from:
  • Price:
    • $24.95 before shipping

The Good

So when looking for chargers I needed something that could charge multiple USB’s since we’re going to another country and I didn’t want to have to buy converters for all of us going. With this tool we can charge 6 of our devices all at once. I have a cell phone, tablet, and FitBit, my mom has her cell phone, and my aunt has her phone and tablet. This is the perfect fit (although there is a 5 USB model if you don’t need as many). Since we are still stateside I can’t say how it works in another power yet, but I will say that I use this as my normal outlet now. There is one longer cord that plugs into the unit, much like how a laptop has that plug that goes from the wall to the power, then from the power to the laptop, and then the unit. With that extra cord then my charger cable plugged in this has a really far reach. I have had 3 out of the 6 units in use at one time to test it and they all charged within a reasonable amount of time, so multiple items didn’t slow it down. The unit also has a nice sleek look.

The Less then Steller

My only complaint is that when I had my tablet plugged into one port it only charged to about 75% from about 10% in an hour, but another day I had it plugged into a different port and it went from dead to 100% in an hour. So while it says that all ports have rapid and intelligent charging I’m not sure how true that is. That’s really the only issue I have with it right now.


I’m glad I made the purchase! I know there are cheaper models, but my aunt’s phone is picky with chargers for some reason, so I went this safe route. There are also more expensive models, and while I don’t have the best electronic knowledge in the world, I can’t really reason paying triple the price for the something that has the same functions. All in all, a purchase that helps to keep my mind at ease. As a side note this will go in my carry on so that I will always be able to charge what I need.


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